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Season 14 (US Season 8)

  1. Introducing Swedish Michelin Chef Niklas Ekstedt and eight new episodes of New Scandinavian Cooking. Niklas often makes food infused by smoke or torched with fire, and he cooks some of his favorite recipes inspired by nature and the history of Northern Europe. Join the brand-new series and take part in a fantastic culinary journey.
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S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 8
Hay Smoked Salmon
In this episode, Niklas takes us to the island of Lovund in Northern Norway, a community that has always relied on fishing and where this traditional way of life coexists with modern aquaculture. Niklas meets up with some locals and goes diving for scallops before he makes one of his favorite salmon dishes touched by smoke, Viking style.
Niklas Ekstedt
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 7
Campfire Fish
In today’s episode, Niklas investigates the great variety of products from the productive farmland in Eastern Norway. He also escapes to a small lake to fish for the Perch, a freshwater gamefish, and to enjoy good food by the campfire amidst the tranquility of nature.
Niklas Ekstedt
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 6
Burning Sweet Desire
From Stockholm to Colombia and Costa Rica! There is a distinct word in Swedish for having something sweet together with a cup of coffee, namely fika. In today’s episode, Niklas makes sweet buns at his restaurant in the middle of Stockholm and enjoys them with a cup of coffee, before he travels to South America to investigate the coffee and food traditions from these faraway places.
Niklas Ekstedt
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 5
Flavor of Roasted Coffee
In today’s episode, Niklas investigates the most popular drink in Scandinavia, namely coffee. He wants to know more about his morning cup of coffee and meets up with some experts for this refreshing beverage before he travels to Brazil where most of the world’s coffee originates.
Niklas Ekstedt
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 4
Arctic Fire
In today’s episode, Niklas visits the island of Kjøllefjord in Finnmark, well above the Arctic Circle, and home to some of the world’s richest fisheries. Niklas meets up with three generations of fishermen and goes fishing for haddock.
Niklas Ekstedt
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 3
Roasted Coastal Lamb and Dried Kelp
In this episode, Niklas travels to Austevoll, an island just outside Bergen in Western Norway, where he meets up with an award-winning chef. Niklas is introduced to the best produce of the season, along with coastal lamb and lobster.
Niklas Ekstedt
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 2
Stockfish and Amber
In this episode, Niklas visits beautiful Lofoten, a string of islands that stretches into the North Atlantic in Northern Norway. He goes fishing for cod and cooks the fish with both inspiring recipes and fiery techniques.
Niklas Ekstedt
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 1
Burning Water and Melted Butter
In this episode, Niklas travels by horse sleigh into the mountainous region of Røros, where he enjoys the culinary treats and sites that this old mining town has to offer.
Niklas Ekstedt

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