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Season 8 (US season 2)

Season 8 (US season 2). During 11 episodes Andreas Viestad presents enticing cooking with local Nordic produce.

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S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 11
Smoke and Water
In this program, we visit Vestfold in southern Norway. It is winter time, and fishing for brisling sardines in the Oslofjord is at its peak. Inspired by Scandinavian traditions, Andreas smokes these small fish.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 10
Ice-cold Bounty
Andreas takes us to the rugged coastline of Vesterålen in northern Norway.  He prepares cod and Arctic char, both from the fresh, cold North Sea.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 9
A World of Apples
In today’s show, Andreas visits Hardanger, the orchard of western Norway, where everything smells of apples. Andreas makes an apple drink, bakes traditional sourdough bread in an old wood-fired oven, and prepares a hot apple dessert.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 8
A Modest but Generous Spud
Andreas takes us to the inland region of southern Norway, and prepares one of Norway’s most well-loved ingredients, namely the potato. The potato is mild and accessible, as the next ingredient is always angry. Crayfish is an exclusive and much sought after delicacy. Andreas uses a torch at the end of the day to catch them.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 7
On Top of Norway
In this program, Andreas visits the highest mountain in Norway, Galdhøpiggen. This mountain region offers some real delicacies. Autumn is approaching, and the countryside is ready to share the fruits of summer. In this case, the sweet, tart and illusive berries ripened by long, cool, bright days.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 6
Fat Ducks and Sweet Apples
Andreas visits a duck farm and an old steamer on the Telemark Canal in south-western Norway. The Canal is a water system that unites costal Norway with the barren mountain regions. Andreas serves a variety of duck and local trout, combining the richness of the land with the spirit of the river.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 5
Shellfish Eldorado
Andreas travels to some of the richest fishing banks off the coast of central Norway. He shows us how to prepare the world’s best scallops, a dish containing crab and Norway lobster. This region also has some of the world’s most modern salmon and mussel aquaculture facilities and Andreas makes the most of these ingredients.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 4
All is well – if there is Herring
In this programme, our host takes us to locations along the coast where settlements developed around the area’s rich herring fisheries. Inspired by history, Andreas shows us how to prepare herring Scandinavian style.
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 3
Dry but Tasty
Andreas explores what has been one of Norway’s most important commodities throughout history
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 2
Old-fashioned Sweet Tooth
Andreas travels to one of the coldest towns in Norway. It is however very warm and traditional on the inside...
Andreas Viestad
S 8 (US season 2) EPISODE 1
Shellfish for Summer
Andreas visits Blindleia, a favorite holiday destination in southern Norway.
Andreas Viestad

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