The 6 Days Experience from Bergen to Kirkenes

The Northbound Journey on the Coastal Express

The starting point for this adventure is Bergen from where the vessel heads northwards, ending the voyage further to the east in Kirkenes. From this destination port you can either fly home or drive back if you have had your car on board.

During waking hours on this voyage you will have the opportunity of seeing the Møre coastline, and if you are travelling during the summer you will also experience Geiranger and the scenic Trondheimsleia channel and Stokksund sound. After that you will sail through the narrow, island-surrounded waters towards Rørvik and then through the Saltstraumen, where the tidal current flows between the Saltfjord and the Skjerstadfjord south of Bodø. The voyage then continues across Vestfjorden to the Lofoten Islands which appear from the south to be a solid wall of mountains, described literally in Norwegian as Lofotveggen, ‘the Lofoten Wall’. After that the ship sails past the green and gentle Troms coastline and then the wild coast of Finnmark.

You will also call in at several towns where you will have time for a stroll around the streets or a sight-seeing tour. During the period between October and March the ship berths at Ålesund in the middle of the day, but this waiting-time in the harbour is cut during the summer in favour of a tour up the fjords to Geiranger. Continuing northwards, the vessel calls in at Molde, Trondheim, Bodø and Tromsø throughout the year.

You will arrive at Kirkenes on the sixth day, and you will have the option of flying back home from here. But if you have brought your car on board, you can now set off on your own and head southwards again.

Source: Hurtigruten