The North Sea Road in 1-3 days

Tour Suggestions in Fjord Norway – Route 1

Route 1: Kristiansand – Egersund – Jæren – Stavanger – Skudeneshavn – Haugesund1-3 days
422 km
1 ferry

As the road turns northwestward, you leave behind the gentle coast of southern Norway and enter Fjord Norway proper. The winding road along the dramatic Jøsenfjord is one of many highlights. After the fishing and ferry port of Egersund, you soon find yourself in a rough-hewn landscape — beautiful and sparsely populated.

Continuing north, Jæren offers some of the most open landscape in Norway, with expansive beaches, sanddunes and iridescent meadows divided by drystone walls. Thousands of years ago our ancestors cleared the first fields and piled up stone.

The journey continues on to lively Stavanger, a city with a rich cultural life. When you’re ready, it’s not far to the ferry that sails to the charming town of Skudeneshavn on the island of Karmøy. From there you drive northward to Haugesund on the mainland, a town where the film and jazz festivals are just two of the popular annual events.

You can make this whole trip in a day, but we suggest you slow your pace and open your senses. People in a hurry may prefer the inland highway E39, but the slower coastal road catches the everchanging mood of the North Sea. It’s hard to imagine a better prelude to the fjords!

Sogndalsstrand is a well-kept old village, just north of the striking Jøsenfjord.

  • Be sure to walk the beaches of Jæren, regardless of the weather. Solastranden is immensely popular, as is the 5 km long Orresanden — especially with surfers.
  • At Obrestad you can spend the night in a lighthouse.
  • Explore Old Stavanger, the Norwegian Petroleum museum, and Lars Hertervig’s marvellous paintings at the Rogaland County Art Museum.
  • Children will enjoy Havanna waterworld and Kongeparken amusement park.
  • The fishing village of Skudeneshavn, with its wooden houses and galleries, demands that you stop!
  • At the reconstructed Viking farm at Avaldsnes, Karmøy, you can listen to age-old stories around the fire.

Enjoyable detours:
Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and the towering Kjerag mountains along the Lysefjord yearn for a visit — by ferry or sightseeing boat.

  • Take a detour to see Gloppedalsura, a scree where many boulders are the size of houses! Byrkjedalstunet is worth visiting for traditional crafts and food.
  • A great detour is to spend relaxed days exploring the whole area of Ryfylke.
  • Further west, explore beautiful Rennesøy and Utstein monastery on neighbouring Mosterøy island.
  • A 75-minute boat ride into the Atlantic from Haugesund you can visit Utsira, its birds and 250 residents.

Source and more information: Fjord Norway