West Sweden Tourist Board

West Sweden is the ideal destination for a family holiday. Experience the picturesque fishing villages, forests and lakes or fascinating history and culture. The region offers a wide range of activities from canoeing in unspoilt rivers to golf on the greens of a castle.

The restaurant scene of West Sweden is a paradise for anyone who enjoys good cuisine. Take a culinary tour of West Sweden and enjoy all the delicacies from the sea. From a bag of shrimp savoured on the pier, to oysters and the red gold of autumn, the lobster, freshly caught and boiled – a sublime experience. West Sweden has a pantry overflowing with the finest fare from the forests, the ocean, the earth and the lakes. Enjoy your meal.

The West Sweden Tourist Board
The West Sweden Tourist Board is owned by the West Swedish Region. Our mission is to lead, coordinate, develop, market and sell tourism and tourist products in Sweden, the Nordic countries, as well as selected export markets, mainly the US, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

Simultaneously, the West Sweden Tourist Board shall make available the knowledge and competence necessary to support the development of local companies and organisations.

Focus on Food
The West Sweden Tourist Board chose at the turn of the new millennium West Swedish food and culinary experiences as a focus area for further development. Put simply: The tourists should pick West Sweden for the sake of its food. The competence and business development for the focus area was made in three phases:

  1. Education and certification (Bon Appetit in Western Sweden)
  2. Cook book featuring certified restaurants (The Kitchen Tour of West Sweden) – published in three languages
  3. Partner of the TV series with Tina Nordström, where West Sweden is represented in three episodes.

The West Sweden Tourist Board supports with its activities tourism and tourism businesses in their efforts to reach the national and international markets and thereby contribute to increased profitability and employment in the region.

Contact information:
West Sweden Tourist Board
Kungsportsavenyn 31-35
411 36  Göteborg, Sweden
Phone +46 (0)31-81 83 00
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