Will Andreas be back?

15 years ago, early 2003, New Scandinavian Cooking debuted on PBS in the United States. Since then, 14 seasons have been produced and broadcasted in more than 130 other countries including the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Italy, and France. The viewership has been crazy high, with around 100 million per episode!

Of course, this success has a lot to do with our amazing chefs hosting the show. We have been so fortunate to work with big names such as Tina NordströmClaus Meyer, Sara La Fountain, and Niklas Ekstedt. And who else… Oh! Yes! Andreas Viestad! How could we forget!

Andreas Viestad is perceived by many as the face of New Scandinavian Cooking. He has hosted endless episodes, cooking his delicious food all over Norway. Speaking of which, remember his Norwegian Meatballs in Gravy? Our most popular recipe of all times!

Anyway. We’ll get straight to the point here. We know you want to know. The answer to the big question: Will Andreas be back?

One word: YES.

Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for more info to come. We wish you all a great weekend!