Yara – At a Table Near You

How so? Our fertilizers and agronomic knowledge allow farmers to produce grains, fruit, and vegetables that are high on nutrition, taste and looks. Our food grade CO2 ensures that shrimp from the tropical waters of Thailand reaches gourmands in Germany with its original quality, shape, and freshness. And our range of specialty plant nutrients brings fragrant, long-lasting blooms to tables around the world.

In fact, not only do Yara’s products and expertise help guarantee the wholesomeness of your food, the effervescence of your beverages and color on your table, but also the quality of your drinking water and the purity of the air you breathe. Our environmental protection agents maintain purity in municipal water supplies, keep the sewers of Paris smelling sweetly, and help to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles and industry.

Yara – 100 Years YoungYara International has a century-long history, Norwegian roots, and operations around the globe. From our beginnings as the inventor of nitrogen fertilizer and a pioneer of hydroelectric power, we have grown into a corporation with presence throughout the food chain. Farmers rely on us not only to help increase their yields, but also to produce the high-quality food that consumers demand, in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way.

Our Viking Ship logo is a well-recognized guarantee of quality in markets throughout the world. We became Yara International after our demerger from Norwegian industrial conglomerate Norsk Hydro, in 2004. The name Yara is taken from the Norse language of the Vikings and signifies fertility and good harvest.

Yara’s North American operations go back to 1946. Our original fertilizer, calcium nitrate, was marketed in California during the 1970s as ‘the fastest nitrogen in the West’. Today, Yara North America serves the US and Canadian markets from its HQ in Tampa, Florida.

Please visit us at www.yara.com